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1. Quote and order
Without a written quote, orders only become binding when we have accepted them in writing. Our agents and representatives have no power of representation. Their individual decisions only become final when we send a written order confirmation.

2. Delivery
a) Risk - liability

From delivery the buyer bears all related risks, particularly transport risks, even if we handle or outsource the transport. From delivery we are not obliged to provide any damages, for example for any human or other damage directly or indirectly resulting from the sold goods. The buyer collects the goods within 2 days of the send date of our message stating that the goods are ready for collection. If not, we shall invoice storage costs.

b) Term

Unless agreed otherwise in the special terms and conditions, our provided lead times are merely indicative and not binding at all. We are only liable in case of a serious error on our part.

c) Acceptance - objection

The goods are considered accepted by the buyer 24 hours after delivery, unless we receive an accurately described, detailed complaint by registered post or bailiff’s writ within 24 hours of delivery.

3. Retention of title

The supplied goods remain our property until the price and additional services have been paid.

4. Payment

Our invoices must be paid in cash at the registered office, unless stated otherwise in writing. Our agents or representatives shall not collect the invoice amounts unless stated otherwise in writing. If the invoice has not been paid on the due date, we can legally and without any notice:
- claim interest calculated according to the Law of 2 August 2002 against payment arrears;
- claim 10% of the principal in damages (a minimum of € 125 applies).
If an invoice is not paid on the due date, it renders all invoices already sent to the same buyer immediately payable.

5. Specific termination clause

If the buyer neglects to meet its obligations, we can legally cancel the sale without any notice. We also retain the right to claim 10% of the principal in fixed damages and can claim and prove higher damages without prejudice merely by communicating this in a registered letter.

6. Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

This agreement is governed by Belgian law and disputes can only be settled by the courts of Antwerp and the Justice of